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Published in 2018

Recent advances in technology and medicine are rapidly changing the face of health care. A revolution is occurring in diagnosis and treatment thanks to the implementation of instrumentation and techniques deriving from engineering and research. In addition, a cultural conversion is taking place in which geographical and social boundaries are about to be overcome, resulting in enhanced availability and quality of care. Telemedicine has been considered a possible means of improving healthcare worldwide that is likely tochange the way in which doctors deal with patients and diseases. While various restraints continue to limit the application of telemedicine in different settings and different areas of health, the innovations emerging from eHealth and telecare could stimulate a great leap forward for medicine, provided that some basic rules are taken into consideration and followed.In this series, diverse aspects of tele-health –preventive, promotive, and curative –will be covered by leading experts in the field with the aim of realizing the full potential of the new and exciting technological solutions at our disposal.

More information about this series at http://www.springer.com/series/11892

Chi Siamo

GLOBAL HEALTH TELEMEDICINE è una onlus che nasce dall'esperienza del programma Dream della Comunità di Sant'Egidio per la cura dell' HIV. Offre un servizio di teleconsulto medico, open source, gratuito, multidisciplinare che si avvale di un pool di specialisti italiani che prestano gratuitamente la loro consulenza. CONDIVIDI


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